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Zero Calories Breakfasts Recipes

It's time for a wake-up call.
The savory scent of freshly sizzled bacon. The enticing aroma of just-squeezed OJ and then a waft of syrupy goodness swirling around a stack of pancakes. A perfectly flipped omelet with stringlets of cheese oozing out. Last night's Calvin Klein model hand delivering all of the above for breakfast in bed. This is the stuff morning fantasies are made of.
But that's why we said fantasy. Most of us aren't getting the nutrients we need every morning to blast fat all day. You can do better—and should. A high-protein breakfast can lead to guaranteed long-term weight loss. Science proved it, according to the new book Zero Belly Breakfasts. Of people who’ve lost 30 pounds or more, 80% kept the weight off by eating a high-protein breakfast every day, according to a study done by The National Weight Control Registry. And while some brands have scrambled to maintain customers by cutting down on sugar and phasing out artificial colors, there’s still a few Cookie Crooks out there.
Read on for nutritionists' picks for your worst morning offenses and the mistakes you're blindly making—and then lose up to 16 pounds in 14 days with Zero Belly Breakfasts.